Wednesday, 28 September 2011


hi wednesday world
Time to peek at the worlds work spaces once again.
See what Julia the head desk hopper has been up to again,  desk hopping
 its well worth a visit!
This is my desk on Tuesday morning. I went to the scrapbooking and papercraft show at Ally Pally on sunday. All the stuff I brought has just been tipped on to my desk waiting to be 'put away' or if I'm really lucky played with.
 Funny the way the letters fell out of the bag! might have to leave them like that lol

I did 'tidy' some of it and wrote it in my 'new stuff' diary I started this year.
I have display items to make for work but didn't have much time so nothing is finished yet.
 This is what my room looks like this evening, a bit neglected, sometimes I have to go to work!

I did manage to make something from my new stash: a UTEE pendant. Someone was demonstrating heating the UTEE in a foil tray, but underneath and then pouring it into a cookie cutter on a heat mat . .  brilliant who needs a melting pot! lol
The little butterfly is a part from a Primark necklace I have taken to pieces and made several things from. The UTEE looks orange in the picture but it is actually red lustre with a bit of copper in. . . . . very pretty.

Happy Peeking, see how many you can get to this week,


  1. You obviously had fun at Ally Pally - lots of lovely new stash to play with! The pendant worked well, very pretty :D xx

  2. very cool looking ...what a great work space you have so much fun stuff to work with you are lucky to have a craft store to work at and get ideas from ...Happy Autumn to you over across the "pond"

    - KAT -

  3. Lovely lot of stash from Ally Pally! I went to a craft show last week too, in Exeter, and you can see photos of it, and all the stuff I bought, on my blog. I adore going to craft shows - gives me a real boost for ages! Love your work space. Have fun with your new stuff. Happy belated WOYWW.

  4. Hi! Just popping by to say I am having a giveaway and would love for you to enter! I will try and pop back later for a proper look but want to invite all the wonderful WOYWWers for a chance to win!
    xoxo Karen

  5. I think I must get my enamelling kiln out and see if I can use that to melt the UTEE to make shapes and designs. Yours is so impressive, you have inspired me to have a go. Mind you, I think I must clear my desk a bit more before I try that, just on safety grounds. By the way, could you add glitter to the melted UTEE - I am thinking Christmas tree decs.


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