Wednesday, 7 September 2011


 hi wednesday peepers,
 I see julia has sorted out her numbers this week. see what it is all about here   WHAT'S ON YOUR WORKDESK WEDNESDAY 
My desk isn't looking very interesting today.
 I have just come home from pickwell farm (yes if you are reading this zoe 'I know pickwell' I have to send my other half to the car when it is time to pay LOL.
Yesterday we went to basingstoke (terrible weather, the only place that was dry!) and I brought some chunky pieces of lace to use as masks (at the bottom, no! that's my feet, just above them to the right)... going to use them in a minute when I have done this so will put a p.s. on the bottom.There is also a packet of dish cloths I'm going to use too.

When I have cleared the messy sidde that is.
Also hidden just out of sight is a scrap page I did on monday,
 I finally got around to doing something with my Arizona photos from last May. Here we are in Tomstone.

As I am on holiday this week I will have blogged this earlier in the day so I should have more thime to see your desks too.

P.S. here's the masking , it was very quick, only took a few minutes to spray with colour wash

I think they worked very well, top left = millinary net.with distress ink. top right = dish coth
the bottom are both the cotton laces, just shows you don't have to spend a fortune to be crafty!
here's lookin' at you


  1. Interesting use of lace - but effective! Hope you have a good holiday week and the weather improves for you!! x

  2. what fab lace, looks ace sprayed through :)

  3. Really like the masking with lace. I've been think of trying that on some cushion covers so I will be picking your brain!

  4. Since your into masking try using the onion bags and some of the other bags veges come in... they work will too.
    LOVE that lace look, very nice!!!

  5. I wondered what you were going to do with those dishcloths! Great technique! Love those vintage elements on your scrapbook page too, it looks fab.
    Helen S

  6. i really really like your maskings, and yes that doll is leading me astray,

    but then

    I never was one for the straight and narrow!

    thanks for popping by my desk yesterday,


  7. Lovely effect with the lace, also like the map on your scrapbook page (don't get me started on how much scrapbooking I have to catch up with!)

  8. mm fancy that - dishcloth for masking - mine does not have holes so would not work but very interesting though! like your Tombstone page too! Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x

  9. Wow, very neat. Thanks for joining us at Craft-Room Challenge. Kim xx


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