Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow .......I love it

hi peeps
I know the snow has caused all sorts of caos today. But it meant I was stuck at home (shock horror without any chocolate too).
Anyway I decided it was time i played with my new sewing machine. I have just discovered what a walking foot is. It's brilliant and so I made this;

It is supposed to be a basket by sewing the corners together but I decided I like as it was.
Then my handyman suggested I make it multi functional ( this is why he is called my handyman).
 By pinching 2 corners together with my clever clover sewing peg thingys I made it into this.

An arm chair storage thingy for when I am beading.... I am always loosing scissors, threads etc down the side of the chair. But now I can still use it flat as a table centre piece etc. etc.
Can't wait to have a go at a special project Jo is planning on her blog see here jozart quilts-appeal.
Anyway stay safe in the snow and all I need now is some chocolate :(


  1. That is a super idea and you've made a fab job of it! I am sure that could be marketed!
    Jo x

  2. Nice to see another quilter working hard! Lovely colours too.

  3. No Chocolate! lol What a great idea, so useful, love the rich colours you've chosen. The walking foot is a marvelous invention you will wonder how you ever managed with out it. Happy sewing. Hugs Lynne

  4. Hi Janet, you are a star! Thank you so much for helping me out with LillyBo blog. I was really boggled over it but it's on the way now thanks to you. I tried to get it live tonight but decided to finish and review tomorrow when I've cleared my head.
    love Jo x

  5. Excellent idea to use those throws as backing... so economical and I'm all for that. I'll look out for some for mine. Thanks Janet
    Jo x

  6. I love snow too.

    Anyplace but where I am.

    Neat multifunctional quilt pad. If it were in my house it would become a kitty bed.


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