Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WOYWW oh heck

hi world
oh heck i forgot it was wednesday
so here is a very quite post to see what the world of WOYWW is up to

my desk taken a few mins ago ....messy, at the back is the cute pencil tin (i have put my new brushes in it ) that lucy made mw for Christmas,    inside holding the brushes in place are the insides from our till rolls at work.... very clever, if i had more time i would show you. Just other 'stuff' really any questions please ask and I will get back to you
janet usual rules apply


  1. what a fun, busy desk! can't wait to see the other goodies...
    wishing you all good things in 2013 and happy WOYWW :o)
    no. 14

  2. great looking desk and it doesn't look messy to me at all! Love to recycle stuff that would normally be thrown out and was always bringing 'trash' home from work! Hope you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year! I look forward to seeing your posts in 2013! Vickie #17

  3. Just popping in to say Hi. Hope the coming year is a good, creative and blessed one for you!
    Neil #36

  4. Now this is a "real" desk in my opinion. One that is being used adn has lots of stuff on. Mine is too clean and is causing creative block...LOL

  5. I get so many raised eyebrows from Hubby for all the stuff I hoard that 'might come in useful', lol.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #41 xx

  6. That's a novel use for till rolls! They probably work reall well too!!
    Thank you for the great Christmas card too, got it from Julia :)
    Happy new year, LLJ 31 xxxx

  7. Happy New Year to you. Looks like someone is going to have fun! Happy WOYWW! Karen 71 x

  8. Hi Jan! I'm glad I'm not the only one taken by surprise that it's Wednesday. LOL I'd love a closer look at the till roll pot. Happy Wednesday and a Happy New Year, too. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@67)

  9. Oh yes Wednesday, I've been confused and am always 'losing' days here and there! Anyway Happy New Year to you! Here's hoping that 2013 is a super year for us all. Take care Zo xx 69

  10. Happy New Year to you. Lots of people confused over what day it is but its nice to know that its not just me. Love your desk. Tracey R ±48

  11. LOL! I've done that too - got ready to schedule my post, went to Julia's to copy the link, only to find it was Weds. and I totally forgot. This time of year is always so busy it's easy to do!

    Fab recycling too, your paintbrush holder. You could stick a bunch of them together with Washi tape and make a whole desk caddy! Of course that means less space for crafting....maybe not :)

    Happy New Year!

    MA (5)

  12. Happy New Year - yes its confusing about the days - I thought yesterday was Saturday - it will be a big shock to have to go back to work next week!
    Bernice #60

  13. Happy New Year to you too, I nearly missed WOYWW this morning too as I have lost all track of the days. Here's to getting back to normal and some quality crafty time.
    All the best for 2013, hugs Erika. 59

  14. happy new year Jan

    wishing you prosperity and peace,

    dxxx @95

  15. I have lost track of the days to, at least now I don't feel like I am the only one! Happy New Year.

  16. The pencil/brush holder sounds like a great idea and I like the recycling element too. Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy 2013 to you and yours.

    Brenda 73

  17. I was also a bit taken by surprise at the sudden arrival of Wednesday. I blame too much Christmas goodies. ;)

    Happy WOYWW!
    /Zildara #102

  18. Love your cozy little desk. Look at all of those storage containers. :)

  19. Ohhh lots of lovely crafty things on your workdesk!!! Wednesdays come around way too quickly don't they. Happy New Year to you. Karen x

  20. The brush holder sound intreguing! I love the little row of small drawers...labeled of course! They look great.


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