Wednesday, 9 January 2013


 Happy new year to the wonderful world of WOYWW  (dont know what it is see  julia's wonderful, addictive crazy world )
funny how many of us nearly forgot last week because of confusion over the days.
Back to normal after the recent festivities of christmas.
Well almost as you will see from my desk this week

Yes I am sad to say I am still making christmas cards.... ready for next year, I know, I know, but this is the last posting with it all on my desk... promise. ( I made 45 at the weekend.... am I smug or what!)
 What else. . . . oh the chocolate box is. . . empty, but they were delicious.
Not much else except my usual tools.... scissors, d/s tape and my trusty old bradle, which has featured a few times before.
I was back to Grandma duties again this week.

Erin did some colouring. But first she played with the box, the box holds 3 crayons, she managed to get about 10 in the box .... well she thought she did, as soon as she put a crayon in the top of the box it pushed one out of the bottom..... but she didn't know, it was very entertaining.
anyway 'That's all folks'. . . . usual rules apply see you on your desk


  1. Lovely shot of erin - love the crayon story! See you in a bit. x

  2. How the grandchildren make us smile with the little things they do. Happy woyww Jill #10

  3. Lol to Erin! I remember my lad on an Easter egg hunt when his basket had a hole and the eggs kept falling out of the bottom unbeknownst to him!! Very entertaining for a while.....
    Julia said you'd had a productive crop but 45??? Blimey, you are a machine!!! But you are allowed to be smug next Christmas :) I bought some lovely Christmas cards in the Paperchase sale, what a bargain!!
    LLJ 38 xxxx

  4. 45 cards already for next - oops, this! - year? How smug indeed. Hope you don't forget where you've put them, when the time comes...!! Love Erin and the box - how funny is that - bless her! Helen, 7

  5. You are very ahead of me with the Christmas cards, I never finished last years LOL.
    Your grandie is just too prescious, such concentration.
    Happy WOYWW
    Tertia #17

  6. Wow you'll certainly be organised come this December. We made a few extra Christmas cards last year but probably not nearly enough!

    The bears@#83 this week.

  7. Lol at Erin! 45 cards for NEXT Christmas, oh my!Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #73 xx

  8. Hi there Janet.. have not idea about putting my Christmas things away I make them all year around .. not date set Biblically speaking on so really does not matter :D and love your helper!
    Thanks for popping over and for sharing ~ happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #6

  9. Hi Janet! You are really good doing all those cards for next year! I will be doing 1 a week and by the end of the year there will be enough! I just hope I stick to it! I bet Erin enjoyed those crayons!
    Lots of hugs,

  10. 45 cards! Wow! That is organised. I thought I was doing well with 5! Such a gorgeous picture of Erin. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@53)

  11. Oh bless I remember Keagan doing something similar when he was little! Wow and I thought I was on the ball actually thinking about Christmas cards! Take care Zo xx 43

  12. Well done on getting ahead with this years Christmas cards. Really sweet photo of your grandaughter.

  13. You are so good on getting the jump on next years cards. I personally am sick of Christmas cards and will just have to start earlier next year.

    Don't we all try and cram more of our crayons, markers, paint brushes, and tools into small spaces. She is the next generation of WYOWW.

    I am friends with Sandee and new to WYOWW. Hope you get a chance to check out my desk and blog.
    Lori #81

  14. aww how cute are kids!

    love your space
    Happy woyww TFS Mrs.C.xx #28

  15. You did NOT mention Xmas cards?! NO WAY! I am totally in awe....

    and how sweet is that photo? I love the ones I have of the kids getting crafty.
    Have a great WOYWW

    MA (4)

  16. 45 cards in ONE week end, well color me impressed, I've never even tried to achieve a number like that! Erin is just tooooooooo cute!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  17. Well you aren't the only one still making Christmas cards but I think you've made the most of anyone!
    Erin is so very sweet and pretty and I love the concentration on her little face.
    Thanks for popping in on me!
    Love Jo x

  18. Don't be sad at making CHristmas cards, brilliant forward planning I say, I'm still making mine and putting them in the box but I've only made four so far, you win for quantity! Love the story of Erin, so sweet.

    Brenda 94

  19. Hi,
    This is my first go at WOYWW and my first visit to your blog, I take my hat off to you and others still making Christmas cards for this year. My Christmas stuff has all gone away.

  20. wow I am impressed with the Christmas card tally already for this year! Happy WOYWW!

    Apryl H #9

  21. maybe i should try to make some cards in january. It got to the week before last posting and i decided that i should sent shop ones. sad, but true. love the colouring scandal of too many crayons in one box, lol.
    caroline #123

  22. I've had bags like that... where they seem to hold an infinite amount and then later you discover it all fell through to the floor. I am impressed that you have made so many cards for next Christmas. I had great plans to make some during my break off work but I made 2 and decided that was plenty and went on to better (but not bigger) things.

  23. 45 Christmas cards - I don't know if I want to congratulate you or say bad things behind your back. :-) I will say - good job. Cute Grandbaby. They are so cute when they're little. April #136

  24. Way to go with the Christmas cards!! Belated Happy WOYWW, Di xx #32

  25. Erin is such a cutie!!! I was in a mad rush to make my cards as well last year!!! NO FUN! Maybe this year will be different??? Happy crafting!

    Jeannie #60

  26. Grandma duties are fun. They really do some of the cutiest things.

  27. Oh no, not Christmas cards, afraid I put all my C stuff back at the top of the wardrobe. Erin is a real cutie, and so clever to put all those crayons in such a small box.
    Sorry I didn't get round to your desk last week - where does time go?

    Ann B

  28. Bless! That one could do with some video if she does it again!

    Here's that link I promised:

  29. darling granddaughter. smart grandma introducing her to art supplies at a young age. happy woyww

  30. Yep! Erin looks like she is having fun with those crayons! Now she will be making cards in no time!

  31. Beautiful little granddaughter! wonderful peek on your desk.. you go on the Christmas cards..

    thanks for visiting my desk...

    Happy WOYWW!
    Michele #127

  32. The crayon story is delightful, almost enough to make up for you being so ahead of the game vis a vis Christmas cards! My words are, if course, spoken out of jealousy. Why can't I be like you instead of leaving it all to the last minute?

    Thank you for visiting,

  33. Lucky you to have had Erin with you I am sure she is a joy. I am determined to get around to everyone in the #188 WOYWW even though Julia probably would have posted #200 by then... laughing at myself.


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