Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Good morning desk hoppers
Not a desk hopper, well why not.... It's great fun and very addictive see what I mean at Julia's place .  stamping-ground.
Here's a question for you...... Do you tidy up before taking your picture?.... I'm interested to know....

Lots going on on my desk this week.
Lovely GD Erin is asleep so I managed to do a quick card for a friend.
On the left are some of the buttons I brought the other week from Papermania.... £2.99 for 100's all you can see plus the ones in the tall container at the back.
Behind the button jar is my brilliant new holder for my stickles.... Julia posted one of these a while back which was made from a writable cd holder case.
 I set the handyman to work and this is what he came up with....... that's why he's called my handyman........ he's brilliant! :)

Oh and that button bracelet is still waiting to be mended.... this week?

Here's a close up. . . . I put the lid somewhere?........ shame I'm not as handy!

Also this week I have been making my first Lillybo quilt.  This is a fabulous project started by Jo at jozart.    if you can sew (or not .....even) please take a look here. lillyboquilts
Here is a sneek peek  of mine from the wrong side... hopefully it will be finished next week.... I just have to do the quilting.

Thanks for visiting, usual rules apply and I will visit you right back after work,
Have a great week and happy crafting


  1. Your stickles holder looks perfect and so professional ..tell Mr Handyman he could market those!
    Love the taster of your quilt... it's looking good! I get so excited by them!
    Love Jo x
    who doesn't tidy up for WOYWW or anything else for that matter... oh,except to make some room for crafting!

  2. Oh, oh Janet is that really truly a Noddy car I can see??? how amazingly cute!!!!
    well done.. lovely work.

    Mm, tidy up - no just rearrange sometimes so it makes more sense ie can see things!! :D so kind of rearrange.. does that answer your query.. keep worst bits off camera, ie other surfaces, I will confess. :D happy WOYWW thanks for sharing.. Shaz in Oz.x #No number, not published yet!!

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    1. I dont tidy and I dont usually rearrange either (unless to remove secrets). I'm a worts and all kind of gal!

  4. Oh! Another fabby quilt!! You ladies are making me green with your talent - BRAVO!!!!! Also love the steal of a deal with those buttons too. It must be so nice to have a handy husband. Mine isn't but he spoils me rotten, so I shan't complain!!!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #12

  5. Happy WOYWW. My eye was drawn to the cute owl image. I have those buttons too. Amazingly good value and I had to move my button collection into a larger jar to make room! Quilt - I will be starting mine this week. I am worried about how it will turn out. Hopefully it will be ok. Ali x #34

  6. Good work on the quilt! I don't tidy before my WOYWW pic, but I do sometimes stage things...!! See you soon... Helen, 9

  7. You are a marvel, you get so much done in a week! I don't tidy (as you've gathered)...occasionally, VERY occasionally, when I see the picture it shows something that I don't want to be seen, so I remove and re-take (usually a bill or some paperwork or such)..but otherwise no, I don't tweak. S'almost cheating!

  8. I dont tidy either for tbe photo. I usually need to put sometbing out that either I am working on or planning to work on. I have to clear everything away as when tbe two year old grandaughter visits she comes in to look and see what she can get.
    You are so clever making a quilt, I cannot sew at all. It's on my list though.
    Happy WOYWW

  9. To tidy or not? It actually depends whether you can see my project or not amidst the mess, to be honest. I've been sorting out fabric for my quilt, which is todays post. Have a great day, Hugs, Shaz xx #69

  10. I don't tidy my desk before taking a picture. Isn't it the point that you take the picture in the realtime state it's in? Anyway...BUTTONS! thanks for putting a pack by for me, am looking forward to using them. Lie in? What are they? I don't remember the last one, and since October, I've only been managing 3-4 hours sleep. You may have noticed my face looks awful these days! The quilt looks good. Keep it up and i'll see you next week! Lucy x

  11. Love that you have Noddy on your quilt!!

    Re the tidying up question. No pre-photo tidying for me, there aren't enough hours in the day. But, I will admit to removing non-craft items that have been flung down on the desk in passing!

    ** Kate **

  12. Lots of quilting on WOYWW this week. Check my blog, down the page for an idea with buttons fairy friend !
    Monica 102

  13. I loved those buttons so much I had to go back and buy a second bag of them. Do you hire your handyman out, he has done a great job for you it looks great.
    Ria #44

  14. Ooh I LOVE Noddy - my sister's 60th birthday cake featured the cute little character. Your handyman should market that Stickle holder - it's fabulous! I bought the same buttons for my cushions. :o) I don't tidy but I do push to either side to make space!Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@74)

  15. Mmmmm buttons...yum... and as for the tidy thing - I'm tidy in my first post for WOYWW because I'm trying to be good and tidy between projects and I've only just started this one - but I bet I can't keep it up! - Maisie Moonshine #139

  16. I honestly don't tidy up either, just take photos as inspiration strikes! Your quilt is looking incredibly neat, look how all your seams and corners line up!! Impressive!
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

  17. Yes, today i tidy up my desk - i can't find somethink in my messy :-)
    Your quilt looks fab! Like it!
    Hugs, Gaby #98

  18. I am about of an OCD crafter and my desk is tidy before I craft while I craft and when I have finished lol ~ so my picture show it just as it is ~ love your quilt have a great week - Nicky 13

  19. I don't tidy, you just have to look at my shed to see that ;(

    I am doing a quilt for LilliBo Quilts too, thing is I have never done one before so I am wearing rather large L plates...

    Sheilagh 79

  20. No, is the answer to your question. lol Amazingly I am not concerned how my desk looks, although I am amused that some fuss when it is not neat and tidy. Clean is boring...nicer to find things perhaps, but dull none the less! ..::shrug::...lovely jar of buttons and an awesome stickles holder! Thank you sooooooo much for visiting my desk today, waving hi from the soggy hills of North Carolina ♥

  21. Papercrafting would be expensive if I bought all the Deco stuff you've got! Ha ha! x

  22. What a brilliant job your "handyman" has done on your stickles holder. I love it. I might have to wave it under the nose of my handyman!!! lol.
    Your quilt is looking stunning. I've still to start mine, not sure where to start truth be told!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #63

  23. AnnB brought a quilt to Vicky Stampers workshop today so it's all happening and the first handover will be Wednesday. So exciting!
    Can't wait to see your's finished too!
    thanks so much!
    Jo x

  24. Well it is a busy desk and I have so much to comment on! Love your card in the making - that button jar was definitly worth its money!!! And your handyman is a star! How clever - he could start a business!!!! Love your quilt - I am still thinking how to get up to it - not really that good at sewing!
    Lots of hugs,


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