Saturday, 27 July 2013


In July My friend Lee and I went on a two day workshop at Art Van Go in Knebworth.
When we arrived at the shop I realised I was mistaken about their name .... Nothing to do with Van Gogh as I thought ... This is why

Obvious really!
As it was a Wednesday the first thing I did was take a pic of my desk... I didn't show it on the day as I was too busy ....doing .

Lots of goodies there.
The theme of the workshop was a lace sketchbook..
We took lots of " stuff" with us.
The first thing the tutor ( julia tristron) asked us to do was cut pages out of our book ( agh!) something I was always taught NOT to do...... But it made it much easier to work on the pages. Then we did a tea bag wash on them as a back ground.

Then we used various techniques on the pages, like sewing, accordion cutting plastic bags, stamping, inking, paper pricking and punching and lots more fun stuff.

My first few pages were a bit scrapbook- ish. I needed to think more sketchbook something I have never really done before

The colours Julia wanted us to use were all neutral.

Julia showed us some free embroidery sewing techniques and hessian sewing this is her piece.

Also eyelets.
There were 12 of us on the workshop but all our books were completely different.
Here they are at the end of day 2.

We had a brilliant 2 days lots of laughing, crafting and good food. They were so welcoming and helpful at the shop drinks available all day and they even ordered lunch for us a local deli/ sandwich shop. I
I have been working on my book when I can and I think it is almost finished

This was my first page ... It is still a bit scrapbook ish but I think my later pages are less so.

There are a lot of cut and layered pages.
I like the lace meets grunge look with the cogs
Cut out wallpaper and pin pricking
More layering and a bondaweb sandwich . ......not as nice as the deli ones!

Cut outs and layering
Years ago I used to make bobbin lace, so when I got home I found out my sample file. Well, I thought I could give them an outing. The Small paisley shape On the right is the first piece I used.

The other side of the circles and an ironed bath scrunchie with a tag and lace inside.
Lots of layered pages on the right
More bobbin lace on the left.

Stamping and stencil work, it doesn't show that much but on the right is a lovely tree stencil, with fibres hanging down.

Vylene cut out flowers with buttons.
A mix of bobbin and machine lace

Lace doiley on the left and bobbin lace and window on the right.

The other side of the window and a bigger window with more bobbin lace.

The other side of the window.

The eyelets and a paper doiley with a window and my hessian stitching

This one is bit of an arty farty close-up which I think I will use on my cover.
We really had a brilliant time if you ever get the chance to go I would highly recommend it.
If you made it to the end and have enough energy left go leave a comment give yourself a pat on the back and thank you.


  1. Hi Janet,
    That is so pretty. It really looks like you have a fab time....the results are amazing.
    A x

  2. I really enjoyed the browse through your creative weekend. It took me back to my textile studies which I enjoyed so much. So glad you enjoyed it and who know where it will lead!
    Still in Brighton, having fun and roasting...
    love Jo x

  3. I love the laces she made there. So much beautiful texture in your book. Have a great week! #2

  4. Janet the book looks amazing. I really like the neutral colours and the different textures. Am visiting from woywdw sorry I am late this last week has been manic.

    Laura x x


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