Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday smile what was I thinking

Hi peeps
I was going to post this last Friday but something happened and I forgot ... My memory at the moment.... Don't even remember what it was. 
Anyway this is what happened when I brought my GD Erin some finger paints from pound land. What was I thinking

She only had them for 2 seconds ... Up to her elbows in green goo, 
So this is what I did then, what all good grandma's would do

I made her wash up  lol
If this made you smile hop over to Annie's to see some more smiles

Have a good week and remember a smile costs nothing, smile at someone and they will smile back


  1. Hehehe I bet she had just as much fun in the water as she did with the paint :-) Thanks for sharing.
    Annie x
    ps you've added the wrong link on my blog today.

  2. Got here via Annie's side bar. The link in her Friday post took me to WOYWW. What fun finger paints are!! Almost as much fun as a bowl of soapy water. x Jo Ha - just read Annie's comment - great minds!!

  3. I got here by clicking on your header, and was glad I did, because this is soooo funny. Clean-up can be half the fun.

  4. Oh she is adorable!! We're so blessed to have the little ones in our lives. Enjoy the weekend and Wishing you Smiles in abundance.

  5. I think paint and water must be the two best things ever much fun. xx

  6. Hi Janet, I just had to smile at the fact that Erin did that in just TWO seconds ... and fingerpaints? Might be more accurately called body paints! I bet the best part for her was the washing up :) Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. Elizabeth xx

  7. She's definitely going to have green fingers when she grows up! Lovely pictures!
    Have a great week-end!

  8. Isn't that slave labour? Tee Hee!


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