Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Hi peeps 
For the last couple of weeks I have been blogging on my phone ( a bit of a pain to be honest ). So I was really please to get my laptop back and do it properly but now blogger is playing up and not letting me upload pictures so I'm back on my phone in the hope it is better 
This is what I have had on my desk this week. Julia says keep it brief
Who am i to argue?
Well I will try 
Not sure why there are 2 pairs of glasses normally I can't find any.
I have just finished making DD3's save the date cards.
Last week I posted a pic of my handyman's desk this is what we were making, well he did all the hard work but I was quite pleased with how they turned out and I hope  the recipient was too
Also this week I had some Happy mail from Sam at hettiecraft
I had admired the gorgeous mouse stamp so she sent me some stampings
Here are a couple of cards I made last week but couldn't show
Both feature stamps from the octopode factory
Anniversary card for DD1 and hubby
30 th birthday card for same son in law
 Anyway enough rambling  off to desk hop .... Laptop willing
See you at your place please leave a comment and I will visit you back


  1. Hope you beat blogger into submission soon... Love all the cards - what a busy bee you were, and how sweet of Sam (Hettie) to send you those mouse stampings... Helen 21

  2. Oh, yes, I LOVED the buttons!! Thank you x100!! They are featured on today's desk...I am going to have to resume them for a while as I can't bring myself to use them quite yet. I really appreciate them, Janet, thank you for thinking of me :-)
    So I'm glad you got some happy mail too! That made me smile!
    Hugs, LLJ 60 xx

  3. I know for sure that LLJ was thrilled with her buttons. She can't seem to put them down (grin). I like the anniversary card, too. And talk about keeping it short. I broke all the rules this week, so you have nothing to concern yourself about. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  4. Wonderful totally lovely buttons! Well done and oh how patient you are! Loving the sight of two pairs of glasses...I don't notice these things till after the picture is published..weird huh. Lovely cards Janet, you are a busy bee.

  5. I love DD1's anniversary card. Love the spinning hats. Hope you're having fun at work! x

  6. Great Cards. When I started this blog I was unable to do much, seemed to be due to 'windows' I loaded (or rather OH did, as I am not that techie) 'chrome' and it works fine now, I only use my 'chrome' thing for my blog, use windows the rest of the time.

    Lynda #89

  7. All looks fab, I do love all your little drawers all labelled. Fab! Take care. Zo xx 98

  8. Those buttons look fab. What a nuisance about your puter. I know there is something you will want to see on my blog today! No I cannot let you have them!
    Gorgeous cards too.
    Hettie 50

  9. Hi Janet, so many lovely things on your desk today - love those buttons - do I recognise the Craft Stamper boxing hares stamp? The partial image looks great, love the background stamping on the tag too. Gorgeous cards - you have been having fun. MMx #83

  10. Hi Janet
    you have been such a busy bee your cards are fantastic and I am sure they were received well. Your desk has some great crafting stash on show for us
    Have a good WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #43

  11. Gorgeous cards, lovely images from Hettie too. I had the same issue with Blogger last year- I think its updates that start the problem off. It wouldn't let me upload any pics, at all.So I switched to using Windows Livewriter( its free), for a while, checking Blogger every now & again. Checked their forum, and lots of people were having the same issues. Eventually they fixed whatever was wrong, and it started working fine again. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #45 xx

  12. What stunning cards! I love the buttons, they really have come out fantastically well. Hugs. Pam#33

  13. lovely just lovely all of it, and the glasses to funny I can never find mine either. Thanks for sharing and Bright blessings to you and yours. Roberta #55

  14. You DID NOT make those buttons?? OMG. Stunning. What does WOYWW sometimes make me green with envy at the amazing talent on view every week?? You can turn your hand to ANYTHING.

    In a word...FAB!

    Happy (so late) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (37)

  15. Hi Janet, isn't it such a pain when technology plays up? Hope all sorts itself out for you soon. Your cards are fab and the tag is stunning - the recipients are sure to have loved them. Your desk looks super busy too. Hope you have a good week. Elizabeth x #61

  16. Oh wow! I admired the beautiful buttons on Jan's blog but didn't realise you had made them. They're fabulous xx

    Fiona #131

  17. awesome desk and I love those beautiful cards. Don't you just love the beautiful buttons! Thanks for stopping by my desk! I goofed up and had the wrong blog URL on my linky originally was #107 now I am... Vickie #134

  18. Hi Janet and thanks for the 'welcome back'. Love the cards and your desk looks creatively messy, just right. The buttons are fab, saw them on the recipients blog yesterday but didn't realise they were handmade, lovely.
    Ann B

  19. Love what you have been creating.
    Sandra @108

  20. Hi Janet,

    How nice to receive a surprise in the mail! I really like the stamp you used on the anniversary card! Too cute. Both cards look great, by the way.

    I bought a new laptop but haven't taken it out of the box yet so I'm still working on my little netbook. I've had it for seven years and it still works great but I have to enlarge everything so I can see. Then I constantly have to scroll to see the sides! Oh well. I have a smartphone but I have no idea how to post from it..... I'm impressed with your skill!

    Thank you for visiting me already. I knew it probably wouldn't be until today that I managed time to get around to desks.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (23)

  21. Very fun desk, Janet--lots of pretty projects to see, and that mouse IS cute!

    (Oh wow, can you imagine ATCing and driving? Not a good combination, lol!)

    Thank you for stopping by this woyww, I appreciate your visit and comment!
    #27 this week

  22. You've been busy! Love the cards, and I love House Mouse stamps too, soooooooo cute! Thanks for visiting my blog, waving hi from cool hills of North Carolina ♥


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