Tuesday, 6 August 2013

WOYWW 218 the count down begins

Hi peeps
Really? Is it Wednesday again already . 
Time to take a peek at the crafty worlds work desks under the leadership of head hopper Julia at
First of all a big apology to everyone I didn't visit last week, I am still waiting for my laptop to be returned. It is very slow going on my phone. I will do better .... Promise.
Anyway My desk ;

This week DD3 announced her wedding date... Next May so not long and lots to do, panic ... Nah, this is my third after all. 
I am just making some sample save the date cards, an easy brief : simple and pink, I think I can manage that . 
Also on my desk this week is some very happy mail, I won some blog candy from my lovely WOYWW mate Jo from Jozart blog.  I love it, especially the travel journal, but there are lots of interesting  crafty bits and bobs.... 

I think I am going to have fun with this lot.

I finished a couple more cards too this week. Can only show one of them.
I don't normally do girly but I made an exception for my lovely friend Jane who has a ' special' birthday this year. I used parts of my lace book as inspiration

Finally thanks for sticking with me here's another desk I have been working on this week ( secret) .....

It's my handyman's he helped me with a little project I was working on.....but I think he was a little worried I was going to make a move on his sanctuary hehe
That's all  folks, I will try and visit do make it easier for me and please leave your number


  1. So lovely to have a wedding to look forward to and good you have good notice too. Nice little cards for the starter but I bet you'll have so much more to do before long.
    Pleased to hear you're happy with your prize box... it looks so much more in the photo!
    The card for your friend Jane may be girly but it's also exquisite!
    Love Jo x

  2. Weddings…FUN..FUN…FUN!!! How awesome is your goody bag. I'm all about the bits n' bobs. I love the card you made. Since joining WOYWW, I have seen some of the most amazing cards made by all you talented folks. I will tell you what I have told a few others, I will be dropping you hints when my birthday rolls around. I will not even pretend to have any shame or manners, I'd be in my very own happy place getting all the beautiful cards you all share from week to week. Have a great weekend. Happy Hump Day. (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #4

  3. Congratulation to your DD3. That card is beautiful. What a great goody box you received. happy crafting #1

  4. Oh Janet, a wedding--very fun, but so much to do, especially as it's your daughter! But it sounds as if you've had plenty of practice at this point!

    Happy WOYWW to you!
    #17ish this week
    with an ATC and mail art

  5. "Enjoy" the planning - I am sure you will ! May will be upon you in no time... Love the card for your friend. Helen 6

  6. Looks like we have both been planning wedding stationery this week :-) And you're a secret wood worker are you? Hope we get to see what you're making.
    A x # 59

  7. Ha! handymen are like that. I spent all of yesterday moving a stack of planks and timbers into a new storage place. Damn nearly killed me. And he kept coming to check I was doing it right...yep..moving planks!! Oh well, I guess I'm like that over my stuff. I think.A bit.
    Lovely news of the wedding, and a nice brief too - you say you don't do girly, but you do it beautifully.

  8. Will be lovely to hear how the wedding plans go over the coming months. Great card and looking forward to the wood project pic.
    Sandra @46

  9. Yay, happy times.....a wedding, a parcel and a mysterious desk!! All with the promise of great fun :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 58 xx

  10. Great goodies there, love that mixed media book - cant seem to find such things in the UK. All looking good with the cards etc, and most interested in what was going on in the other work room..

    Lynda #82

  11. Aw lush I love hearing of happy stuff and a wedding is fab. Enjoy making the wedding stationery! Take care Zo xx 72

  12. Oh you will have so much fun with that box o' goodies! And having had all that wedding practice, this one should be a breeze ;) I'm sure your mate will appreciate that you went girlie, just to suit her, it's quite pretty and feminine. SO curious about the woodworking. Hopefully there will be sharing, soon.....

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (28)

  13. Congrats on the up coming wedding of dd3 be lots to look forward to then
    Love the card
    Jackie 29

  14. Fabulous stash you won there! Congrats to your daughter- wonderful news. At least 'simple & pink' is good- could have been 'fussy & pink', lol! Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #48 xx

  15. Congrats on your win and good luck with the wedding plans :-) The card looks very beautiful. Happy Wednesday, Suzanne #49

  16. Wow its sounds like you will ave a few busy months ahead with all the wedding prep, congrats to your daughter. I am loving the look of both your save to date cards and card and can't wait to see what your new desk when the transformation is complete. Happy WOYWW! Danie #14

  17. Lovely Card!!! Thank you for sharing your space with us!! Lovely blog candy, i look forward to seeing more of your creations!
    -Tera #104

  18. Looks like you have a lot going on, did you win money too! :) waving hi from the rainy ( again ) hills of North Carolina ♥

  19. Lovely card and I do like your colours, and popped over to look at your lace book creations...really nice. Cheers RobynO#52

  20. What a fab box of goodies from Jozart - and good luck with all the wedding things to do LOL - Have a great week Mxx WOYWW #97

  21. great post this week. Love the card and the box of goodies you won from Jo! Lots of fun stuff to play with. Love the lace book btw. Vickie #36

  22. Hello, and 1st I love the pink (girly) card! 2nd Im sorry about my blog and the comment thing and now the verification, My daughter worked on it last night. I guess it was even worse. But Im trying. I have no clue what Im doing it all new to me. The blog the sites the g-mail. I don't know where to leave what. uhgg I'll get it just will take me some time. lol any hints will be greatful :-) thanks so much.

  23. Your "handyman's" desk is well-loved, Janet! And what a fabulous load of candy you won from Jo! Have fun with that!!

    That's big news about the wedding date! Congratulations to the happy couple! You'll do perfectly fine, especially since you've had all that practice!!

    Thank you for coming to visit me earlier! Happy Belated WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week! Darnell #12

  24. Janet love your Work Desk, looks interesting and fun....good luck with the Wedding Preparations, I have just finished my Niece's thank you cards, she got married last your cards hun, and fabulous Candy, WOW, enjoy using it....Avril (105) xxx

  25. Oh the new product looks interesting. Is it air drying and ultra lightweight too like paperclay?

    Ah, another wedding for you to organise....that will keep you nice and busy. I have my brothers next month and havent even thought about a card yet (oops!)

    Happy belated WOYWW


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