Tuesday, 7 January 2014

WOYWW 240 Feeling a little bit smug

Hi Peeps
Happy Wednesday one and all. Everything back to normal after Christmas.... no, me neither, actually not sure what normal is.
Not my normal desk this week as I am working on a lap tray. Why would you want to see my desk? pop over to    Julia's blog hop   to checkout what  the rest of the crafting world is up to this week.

I am working on my selfie for a new challenge I am working on the-documented-life-project art journal see previous post for my first page.
 Now I know it's not a proper 'Selfie' but I hate having my photo taken let alone one I took myself!
One of the other participants posted her hand with words on it (sorry cannot remember her name).
I aimed to do more Zentangling this year ..... so job done!
I hope to finish the rest of the page by Friday.
Would you like to see the remains of my card fest of last week ..... go on, it made me feel quite smug.

I've made 65 cards for next Christmas... Yes I know :-#
Many of you commented last week (for which I thank you :-)  ) about what a good it was but would forget about them by next Christmas... that's sorted too.

Top shelf of my craft room. See I said I felt smug.....
 but not smug enough to post a photo of myself LOL.
 That's all folks if you are kind enough to comment I will track you down and reciprocate... If you leave your number that is.
See ya


  1. Hullo there Janet.. well how is this .. three WOYWW-ers in row doing this journal thing..
    You, Shaz Brooks, and now just come from Anne of Copper Beeches.. weird huh??
    ....or maybe it is sweeping Uk by storm, as long as it is your only storm over there!

    .. am so with you on selfie.. for one never actually took me when trying to do it with a friend recently (it was so funny) and hate pickies but zentangling ,well done love it!
    happy WOYWW. Shaz in oz.x
    # no number yet.

  2. Stamping ground not ready yet it seems - We're still on Twelfth Night! I do love a bit of zentangling! Well doe on the card haul! Lucy x

  3. Love your version of a selfie and well done you with being so organised with your Christmas card making for next year :-)
    Annie x

  4. Actually, yours is by far and away the best selfie I've seen to date! Why does it have to be one of those daft phone photos? That zentangle shows far more of your Self! And yes, you have every right to feel SMUG :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 2 xx

  5. Love it and I agree. Selfie photos are easy - yours took more time and thought. I will have to pop off and check out the link - I know myself well enough to doubt I would ever follow thru on a project like that (I get too swept away with new ideas) but I have to check it out. Maybe it'll be the thing that I just can;t say no to....I live in hope.... :)

    Happy WOYWW day!
    Mary Anne (3)

  6. Wow when I saw that Darnell had made one xmas card I thought wow she was early.. Well you just topped that how awesome to be that on top of it all 65 all done and dusted makes me want to make just a few just so I can say I have made some now..
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :) #4

  7. well done you and you have the right to be smug that's a lot of Christmas the zentangling and no what you mean re photos i so dislike seeing myself in a photo and have very few that I actually like ( like meaning haven't torn up !) hope the documented life project goes well and you have a great week crafty hugs Andrea#19

  8. I need your help my goodness how on earth did you manage to make that many Christmas card since Christmas. I have told myself that I will already have them made by the time next Christmas comes but I am not holding my breath on that
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #6

  9. Oh my word Christmas Cards all done and filed away sensibly!!! I should take a leaf out of your book as I left it too late last year to make any :-( hated, hated buying them. Love your take on the 'selfie' I too decided to take part in this ( fool that I am) and hate my picture taken . I might yet 'pinch' yor idea - still not done the front door either !!! Hugs Anne x #41

  10. Beautiful zentangling and how fabulously organised. You definitely deserve to be smug.

    Zoe #38

  11. Great selfie and oh my goodness you deserve to feel smug with all those C cards tucked away ready for next time!! Have a crafty 2014. x Jo

  12. Happy New Year! That's an impressive haul and especially so far in advance. I'm putting my leftovers in my Christmas box and hope I find them in time next year. #39

  13. You made me laugh, you have every reason to feel smug about all those cards. You must have been so busy that any attempt at a selfie would have been blurred anyway.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #50

  14. Great tangle, and job well done on the Christmas cards. Many are getting a year ahead this year.
    I don't selfies either, I like to stay BEHIND the camera too.
    Happy Wednesday
    Krisha #85

  15. Hi there, I am with you on selfies! I saw BJ's link last week and had a look at it, so I'm also giving it a go. Took me an hour to find a photo of me I thought was ok!lol.Love your zenttangled hand, amazing. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #93xx

  16. I love your take on the 'selfie'! Very creative :o)

    Fiona #18

  17. Oh my gosh! I am so impressed with all the those Christmas cards done already. And here I was feeling smug for having already made THREE this year. Well, so much for me. I'm impressed that you have them all nicely organized in a safe place so you won't forget you have them by next holidays as well. I love your take on your selfie. Very cool. The Zentangle hand is very nifty indeed!

  18. Cr Janet, you done good gal! I would feel smug too - and justifiably so! Love your zentangling, aren't you clever..and what could be more personal than your hand portrait!

  19. You have every reason to feel smug with 65 cards for next Christmas done and dusted. I made my first two today, but I guess you have to start somewhere. The zentangled hand is great. One day I really shall have a go at that! One day... Kate x #58

  20. How organised having your next years card done and put away ready !!
    However you may well be busy with a certain little grand baby!!!
    Jackie 7

  21. I love your hand, looks amazing. I want to do more Zentangling too. As to your Christmas cards, good on you. I plan to have little spells throughout the year. But I confess to only making so many now, I've just not been well enough to do the full 100+ I need. Take care. Zo xx 90

  22. Had to go back and investigate your new challenge. Looks really interesting, good luck with it. I love the front door page you've done.
    The zentangled hand is amazing and a great idea. I don't think many of us like our own photos do we?
    Can't believe you've already made all those C cards!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs Lisax #17

  23. Loads of people doing this A Documented Life challenge, hope to follow your progress. love the zentangled hand! Have a great evening, and hope to see you again at't crop! helen 100

  24. ahh, i have blogged re documented life selfie too, love your take on it! i too hate having my pic taken, tried drawing myself, no usch luck. going down a different route but i really like yours Lx

  25. Holy cow. I'd feel smug, too. Great job in making all those cards for 2014, and organizing them as well. Love the hand. It's definitely a selfie in my opinion. Thanks for visiting while I slept and happy WOYWW from #5.

  26. Wow!! 65 Christmas cards...!!! You ROCK...I thought I was good with have set the bar VERY HIGH!! Well done!! Vikki #108

  27. Hi Janet, you can find me as Doug N Shaz Brooks on Facebook, theres a link to us on the left hand side. we share a page, lol. Hugs Shaz xx

  28. Hi Janet,

    Great job on the zentangle hand! Very cool. I agree, I don't do selfies! haaaa

    You certainly were on a Christmas card roll there -- and you'll know exactly where they are. Well done!

    I'm slowly getting around to visiting desks.
    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (42)

  29. A great start for next Christmas. I can't believe you have managed so many already. I love your Zentangle hand, such a good idea. Thank you for your visit this week. xx Maggie #24

  30. Hi Janet, I'm still making my way around in WOYWW. I finally get a chance to visit and then Blogger starts playing hide'n'seek with my comments!

    I just have to say that I love your Zentangle of your hand! But mostly, I have to award you the tiara for Queen of Christmas Preparedness!! I'd say more but my mouth is hanging open at the sheer number in your collection and drool is starting to pool ... AND you are a girl after my own heart with your EXCELLENT organization on top of everything else! Seriously, you rock!!

    Happy Belated WOYWW and enjoy the rest of the week! Hugs, Darnell #12

  31. Hi Janet, that's a fabulous Zentangled hand ... imagine a knitted glove patterned like that! And I second Darnell, definitely the Queen of Christmas Preparedness ... that's a serious number of cards ready and stored away. Elizabeth (the very late WOYWWer) x #71


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