Wednesday, 29 January 2014

WOYWW 243 the answer to all those questions

Hi Peeps
Happy Wednesday one and all, but be warned this might be a LONG post. Well the longest I have ever posted anyway.... why? well, the other day Julia  ... yes that Julia.. the organiser of this weekly piece of nosey madness, see it  here. anyway she  asked a few questions in this  post
But before I go on.. and on... and on... here's my desk for this week. you can skip the last bit if you want or not interested.

Here I am busy cutting all the paper bits to go in the invitations for my DD wedding. They are quite complicated as there are 3 different types of invites ... you know registry office, Wedding Breakfast  and the evening... all with different instructions etc.... almost done!
Can anyone recommend a different cutter... Fed up with this one not cutting straight?

On my messy desk is this weeks page for the documented life project.... I am keeping going with this but not following everyone else as much on FB it's too time consuming, the page on the right is my doodled border.
Anyway back to the questions. Julia was interested to know why and how we blog. Should I make a list.

I had to think about my answers ... a bit. I thought about them but have forgotten much of what I thought.... and that answers quite a few of the questions  in itself.....If you have read enough please feel free to move on to more interesting desks...   In fact I have now forgotten most of the questions Julia asked... Oh well.
I started my blog to document my craft makes, that was before I discovered all the stuff that is 'out there'. I found challenges, tutorials, inspiration, but mostly I found people.... lovely people, helpful, generous, crazy, quirky, talented Arty people and so many of them.

I don't plan my posts, I sometimes think (but not often) about what to put in a weekly post but usually forget it when I start writing.

 I mostly only post on WOYWW now .... I love it, you are a great bunch of folks out there. Sometimes  I link up to Annie' s Friday smiles too.

I like to use pictures as they say 1000 words and its better than my typing... you'd never understand it without corrections.  I only use my own photo's. I have been told I write like a speak, not sure if that's good or not.

I don't do any of the clever stuff like scheduling.... I post when I have written it and link up when I wake up and Julia has posted ... I don't sleep much, not because I don't want to .... just cant.
 I now seem to be known as fairy thoughts.... that's fine..... the name comes from the first ATC I made....... funny how things turn out.

I don't post much about the family.. .. my hubby is known as the handyman..... mostly because he is a very handy man, and helpful around the house and very tolerant of my obsessions. He is my Mr. Darcy. I may have posted photos of bits of him in the past, not his face... he wouldn't be happy, he likes his privacy.
Here he is this week helping with the invitations..... yes really! he cut 70 little tags on the big shot


I don't think I have ever looked at a celebrity blog ( except maybe Tim's) and not really interested... don't really watch much TV either.
I have a list on my side bar of blogs I follow and look at them when I get time... I got my i phone so I could check blogs on the go... I travel to work on the train.... works quite well.
I wish I had more time to check out all the blogs that are recommended on posts, there are so many inspiring people out there. I think I discovered the Stamping Ground by chance from the Grungy Monday blog not long after I started blogging  and the rest as they say is history!
I don't think I could list 5 favourites there are  Soo many fab ones, you are all great in your own way and you know who you are because I will leave a comment.
Anyway that's enough  thinking for one night .... if you are still with me that is
If you are kind enough to leave a comment please leave your Mr Linky no. so I can return the visit.
I'm going to try a new system for visiting. I will always try and return a visit and then visit the first person  who has commented on that blog and so forth, we 'll see how it goes

janet aka fairy thoughts ........phew! I did warn you


  1. well, I read to the end... firstly, well done with the invites they're coming along well!
    Julia really posed some interesting questions,and I've enjoyed reading the responses too. Helen 9

  2. Well done you and the Handyman for doing all those invitations! That's a great job done :-) interesting reading your answers to Julia's many ways, bloggers are very alike!!
    Hugs, LLJ 51 xx

  3. Wow! Your post brings back memories, invitations are a lot of work...Well done, nice to see you had a helping hand.... Hope you have a great week and happy crafting DeDe #47

  4. Reading your answers to Julia's ????s is just echoing my views and experiences of blogging! Your wedding invites production line looks like it's coming on well, especially with the help of Mr Darcy!
    Re cutters.... I have so many guillotines but I have found the XCut ones best so have them in 3 sizes. For accuracy and control I much prefer a guillotine style to a roller cutter. Off on my snoops now,
    love Jo x

  5. I read it all, I think many of us are the same, we start out just for ourselves then we discover challenges and tutorials and then the people!! Lol. I use the maxi clever cut from Crafters Companion as it cuts large 16 x16 card. I also use a small 8inch xcut on my desk for little things. Both are Guillotines as I get on better with them than cutters. Invites are going well I see. I had a spur of preparing the ones I've designed and going to make. My SIL to be is going to help make them but I have to do all the stamping, embossing cutting etc so we have all the bits to put together! Enjoy! Take care. Zo xx 64

  6. Hi Janet!

    Oh wow, you must have some stamina doing all those invitations - but I bet the end results will be well worth it. I spotted your question about trimmers/cutters whilst browsing WOYWW with a cuppa in bed earlier - just nipped into the craft room to check the make of my guillotine which I do love and Jo already beat me to it! My biggest cutter is an X-cut guillotine, and Jo is right, they really are good. I got mine at a craft show from Crafty Devils - here's a link to Amazon so you can see: - comes with free delivery and is cheaper than the £29.99 that Crafty Devils are charging

    I still love the same Woodware trimmer you have, more for cutting slivers off card as it's easier to see, and using the different blades for fancy cuts. So don't ditch it as it will still have its uses! BUT for totally accurate cutting, especially long runs of stuff I'm absolutely on board with Jo.

    Bon chance :)

    Hugs, Di xx

  7. You're doing a fabulous job with the invitations. I think all that repetition would have driven me scatty (or scattier) by now! I love my SU trimmer, but I don't have the rotary attachment and I think the blades would wear out pretty fast with a project like yours. I think a guillotine is the way to go when you are cutting in bulk.

    Fiona #40

  8. I'm running late with my visits today [well late for me :-) ].
    Have had a busy morning playing with the twins but they are both down for their naps now so I'm having a quick catch up with my friends :-)
    It's so lovely to read and leard a little more about the real you :-)
    Annie x # 38

  9. Well done with the invites - sounds like a mammoth task. Have a good week. x Jo

  10. Well I made it to the end ha ha. I was going to reply to Julia's post but by the time I had for to the end of it I had forgotten what the questions were - it's an age thing.
    Invites looking good and if you are looking for a good cutter I can recommend the guillotine ones, and I have tried a fair few different ones in my time.

    Happy WOYWW
    Ann B

  11. Reading your response to Julia's previous post was interesting! So were all the really long comments! I think it sounds like most of us are on common ground, probably why we all gravitate to the Stamping Ground! As for cutters, for one on the go I like the new Stampin' Up one. To keep in my house I like the Tonic guillotine one. Those rotary cutters always seem to go askew not long after you get them. All those invitations you have to do! Goodness! Judy #96

  12. Hi Jan, regarding the trimmer, I have found that it is usually the main frame of the trimmer that is never straight. Try lining your card to one of the printed lines instead of butting up to the main ledge, see if that helps. It worked great on mine.Well done on the Wedding stationery, I did some for two friends, and I know how long that took! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #35 xx

  13. First..the trimmer..if the cutting surface is a bit worn, it will likely be causing a bend and therefore not perceived to be cutting straight. you can get replacements. And then of course Janet, thank you for your answers.. yes, you are widely known as Fairythoughts, its kinda like a surname for us all...funny how a small decision comes to mean so much! It seems to me that we all started blogging to make the most of what we could tap into out there...and it turned out to be a fulfilling and warm place that caused nothing but friendship...bonus!

  14. I'm so impressed your husband helped with the invitations. He is handy to have around. Peg R-13

  15. I haven't found a cutter yet that cuts straight. I have a Fiskars (large, no HUGE) I never use, and a guillotine cutter I use all the time. I hate to say it, but neither cuts a straight line. If you find one that works, let me know, please. One more question. What is the registry office and how do you fit it in the wedding?

    Now for your comments about Julia's questions. I have truly enjoyed reading all the comments posed by Julia. One thing, I never show MY face, but allow my "better half" to be the face of the blog. Have a super week, dear. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  16. I read right to the end, love how you write!! Mmm trimmers, I have moved to a guillotine and just love it, it cuts straight and can trim even the tiniest amount. It also stays sharp for ever, no more blunt blades like the timmers!
    Sounds like you have a lot of work with the invites but how great that you have your DH installed at the Big Shot!! I love that he likes his privacy!!
    Great post
    Hugs Lisax #59

  17. Love how your spouse helped out. Special, that. Have fun creating all those cards and with your documented life project!

  18. Read everything. Agree with all of it! Wish I had time to put in my two cents worth :)
    I don't bother much with my cutter (similar to that one, not sure of brand) but just tend to use a sharp blade with a steel ruler. I know, a bit fiddly, but 9 times out of 10 gives perfect result. Thanks for dropping by earlier.


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